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Replace rippled plasterboard tape?

Replace rippled plasterboard tape?My house's interior walls are all plasterboard - not plaster on brick. As is usual with modern houses (built 1995) the vertical joints at the corners of the walls are joined by plasterboard tape. Unfortunately due to differential expansion/contraction the tape has become rippled. As I am about to paint a bedroom, should I replace the rippled tape with new plasterboard tape and apply some kind of polyfilla, smooth and sand it, OR expect continued minor movement and fill the corners with some kind of decorators caulk instead of plasterboard tape?I should add I think the movement is because the walls are made of different materials - one is an end wall - plasterboard on brickwork, the other a sloping ceiling, presumably plasterboard nailed to batons?? So, different degrees of exapnsion / contraction according to the temperature rather than settlement.


The first answer is good. But you should know about fiber glass wallboard tape. It is a lot stronger than the paper but you need to completely embed it in compound. Otherwise it will show when sanded.
May 11, 2017
Inside corner or outside corner? Inside corner use Plaster Patch and more drywall tape. Apply with a putty knife,let dry,sand. You might need a second coat. After that prime,then paint. Outside corner I would use some corner bead then plaster patch or spackle.
May 11, 2017

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