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replacing an old plater ceiling with new plasterboard?

Hello, im currently trying to take down my bathroom ceiling but am having trouble as the plaster seems to have chicken wire through it. im slowing prizing it away from the joists but its taking ages, has anyone any advice for me? i was hoping that the plaster would be attached to slats of wood that i could rip down, but like i said it seems to have been reinforced with chicken wire . . . .


It is attached to metal lathe and seems to be pretty tight. I wouldn't take it down unless you have to for some reason. We oftentimes laminate new wallboard over the existing plaster. Use construction adhesive on the back of the new wallboard and 3 drywall screws and screw through to the joists above. If you're almost to the point of total removal, you can use a reciprocating saw ( with proper eye and breathing protection) and run it through the wire lathe between the joists then pry down the separated pieces. In a bathroom, use moisture resistant drywall at a minimum or mold and moisture resistant.
May 11, 2017

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