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Samsung note3 9008 how to limit the software flow switch?

Samsung note3 9008 how to limit the software flow switch? Is to restrict the flow of a software use authority. Other software will not be limited


Based on your description, we recommend using the ROOT Wizard For your Samsung Galaxy Note3 N9008 Root permissions later Open the phone inside the ROOT Wizard interface to manage the permissions of the Apps. Please follow the steps below: 1 download pea pod (pc version), ROOT Wizard (pc version) 2 computer operation pea pods 3 phone open USB debug mode connected to the computer 4 at this time the machine will automatically download the driver (this step if the failure, it is necessary to repeat again from step3!) 5 operation ROOT wizard, click on a 'key machine' 6 wait for a while ~ ~ ~ 7 machine automatically root success ** due to the root opportunity to increase the risk of theft of mobile phone data,        Do not recommend you use the root of the phone to operate online banking or fast payment service Oh! ** It is strongly recommended that you back up the system EFS files before you root so that you can restore the system when you remove the root. The Hope this helps you!
May 9, 2017
Thank you, but also want to ask if you can not install the root can not limit the software flow ah? To answer If you can not install root in Developer Options Limit the flow of all software, but can not limit the flow of the specified software.   To limit the flow of the specified software, you must use the above method Root
May 9, 2017
Dear Samsung User Hello: For your advice, you can try: 1. Try with other third-party software 2. Settings - Data Use - Select a program that will limit the background data check Samsung know, to provide you with quality solutions, carefully answer your questions, hoping to get your satisfaction evaluation.
May 9, 2017

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