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Set a stage sound and lighting needs and specifications?

A layer of about 2000 flat about 70M wide 35M high 10M rough, performance with the unit. Complete sets of audio, lighting, configuration quantity and specifications Another wall treatment


Ha ha. The The The This is not as simple as you think about it. The The The This is the whole set of professional audio construction program. The The The No place can not accurately give the specifications and quantity. Not to mention the scale of the performance and the type and number of related instruments. The The The The most important thing is how much money do you want to achieve? You give the current parameters can only give you a parameter: the total speaker of the overall average power. The The The The About 6-8 kilowatts. The The
May 9, 2017
The Count the power of the ideal storage conditions under the maximum power must be close to 12-16 kilowatts! In fact, this is also a covenant. The The Because you have to consider your room decoration when the audio attenuation characteristics and reverb volume. The The Do not use the sound system for such a long length. The The Also to be considered. The The The So there are too many ways to give an accurate configuration. The The The So your best choice is to find a dry sound project and talk to him. The The The The details and then want to know you ask again.
May 9, 2017
This requires a professional stage speaker engineering company to do, to a Wo audio exchange.
May 9, 2017

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