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should i stucco over cement board or plywood?

I currently have aluminum siding on my house, I want to replace it with stucco. I need to do a full tear off because behind the siding is compressed fiberboard. I will need to apply a backboard to stucco over, so the question is, should I apply cement backer board, hardiboard or plywood? Plywood would be the easiest to apply, and possibly the cheapest, but that doesn't mean it would be best. Any stucco pros with some insight?


yea after the rip off you need to staple some felt paper (some people call it tar paper) then you neeed to use gavlanised roofing nails to nail up the wire mesh..then apply stucco...I would just nail up some 1/2 plywood..then felt paper then wire then stucco
May 11, 2017
first answer has it right.good luck.
May 11, 2017

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