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Slow draw on battery in my RV - source found!?

I have found the source of the drawfuse is connected to the lighter/dome light. That's all it says on the small fuse panel anyway so as far as starting to change the bad wire or component goes am I really just looking at the lighter and dome lightor are there usually other items connected to this fuse as well?Just looking for guidance - age old tips to make my troubleshooting / wire replacing task less daunting.


that should be all that's on it,but here's what i usually do ,pull the fuse and start checking to see what all wont work on it,the put it back in,and see what all does,this helps narrow it down a little,and it also gives you a direct shot at what the problem may be on it,make sure some one hasn't used the hot wire on the back of the lighter to wire something else to it,often people do this on a RV,i do a lot of work on these,i like working on them because there big enough that you don't have to squeeze in to places,and the wiring is usually strait forward on these,but that method right there has helped me a lot in the past,maybe it will help you also,good luck with it,hope this helps.
Dec 7, 2017
STOP,they only list the main componants on that fuse,there may be others,it's best to pull the fuse and see what else dosn't work,to correct the draw.In order for wiring to cause a draw it would have to shorted somewhere,you would have burnt wires,cig lighters usually short out inside that will give you a parasitic draw,but try what i suggested first if nothing else found replace the sig lighter
Dec 7, 2017

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