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Stage lighting sound debugging how this line

Such as the title, over the years to find a job, but do not want to go to the ordinary factory to do. Occasionally see the trick to install the installation of lighting audio apprentice, interview no problem, would like to ask how this line, how the prospects ah, after the development of ah, is always helping people to do or do their own good


This I advise you not to consider the ~ tired do not make money ~ there is a way to go this line is not high prospects. See how you learned to learn deep can. But with the sound apprentice you are full of excitement. Go to school to find a professional teacher to teach more secure I changed this line I did not put the direction of the development
May 9, 2017
Do sound, the surface of bright, tired tired than tired, 24 hours a day afraid to call. The The Mainly to see where you go, technology or sales, but now the market is not how to
May 9, 2017
The market is still some, the problem is to see where you do, Guangdong Province is not so good to do, the stage than the actors
May 9, 2017

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