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steel or vinyl siding?

I live in the Black Hills and I need to re-side my cottage. I like the look of vinyl. I've heard pros and cons about both steel and vinyl. Is steel really that easy to dent? It just doesn't look as 'clean' as vinyl. Also what 3 color combos do you like? My cottage has shutters.


I have steel siding, and it is a pain in the butt. It's much harder to keep clean than vinyl. As for color combos, I love mine, sunny yellow with off white trim, and brick red for the doors. I added new brushed chrome doorknobs and brushed chrome rails around the porch, and it looks awesome. I am planning to have the steel siding replaced with vinyl though.
Sep 27, 2017
I'd like to know why you need to re-side it. I would get vinyl because it will not need painting as soon as steel.
Sep 27, 2017
Steel okorder.com and pick your colors from there. just choose a setting and clickdrag your colors
Sep 27, 2017

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