step up transformer help?

im building a step up transformer and im wondering if a 10:130 turn ratio would give me the same results a 100:1300 turn ratio. my specific questions are:1) Would i get the same power boost?2) If not, would it be similar or close to it?3) If not, why not?


They are the same at a superficial level. But they differ in the volts per turn (I don't know what the voltages are, so I can't comment further), and transformers work best with the correct value for that parameter. It depends on the core, the material, the wire size, lots of factors, and usually involves some trial and error. wikipedia:
Jan 26, 2018
I assume your question refers to an ideal transformer. The turns ratio is the turns ratio. 10/130 100/1300. A transformer won't boost the power since the power in power out. If it's a step-up transformer, the voltage is increased on the secondary side compared to the primary side by the turns ratio.
Jan 26, 2018
It will give you the same open-circuit voltage ratio. Winding more turns on the cores will increase your inductances on both sides. That reduces the open-circuit current on the driving side. More wire resistance will result in more resistive loss when operating with a load.
Jan 26, 2018

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