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The lift valve of the globe valve is not a single stem,

The lift valve is not a single stem, but the stem and the screw are connected by the semicircle clasp. The screw rises and drives the stem to move up and down 30Want to ask why this structure instead of a whole stem, what benefits, the other is to check on the stem general calibration will stem and screw as a whole or a single check to check valve stem? Some people even say that stiffness does not need to be checked for stability


1., the valve and valve body hole seal, you can customize the center2., the valve and valve stem in one of the seals will crush the body sealing surface3 general sealing surface is a soft metal, or is in line with the material, stem and disc with snap ring connection good is the valve can be rotated.
Jul 19, 2017
I see what you mean. There's a packing ring between the stem and the screw, and there's a filling in the circlip.
Jul 19, 2017
Here's a pictureA semicircle slot with a depth of 8 mm is placed on the semicircle ring slot, where the filling is placed. Valve has a road seal, the role is in the valve maintenance can be opened to the maximum, direct change filler.
Jul 19, 2017

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