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The valve core and the valve stem must be screwed,

and the valve core hole is provided with a guide hole and a valve stem to match. How to ensure the concentricity and convenient disassembly and assembly


1, the concentricity of the valve stem and valve stem can only be ensured by the guide hole. The function of the thread is only fixed. So the surface and size precision of the 12 guide hole is very important, in the end of 4 the end of wire and drill hole with reamer reaming to ensure accuracy to.2, the coordination of the guide hole can only be used with clearance clearance with higher accuracy.3, good for 4 holes weaken the bearing capacity of shaft, locking with the cone end set screw.4, the thread of the drawing did not draw thread, the suspension line needs to be filled. Do not use M12 for thread. Use M105, the stem should be milled out of a flat, easy wrench wrench stem
Jul 19, 2017
The matching of the valve core and the valve stem can only guarantee the maximum degree of concentricity by using the transition fit. Considering the need for loading and unloading, so I have the front, I said, only the use of higher precision gap fit".
Jul 19, 2017
To ensure the concentricity of the spool and the valve stem is mainly two parts machining process properly, the valve stem threads and coaxial rod part of a good reference A spool cylindrical and a clamping hole must be processed, ensure the inner hole and reference A coaxial, so as to ensure the valve core and the the stem of the coaxial, burr thread when machining with a scraper or small file carefully.
Jul 19, 2017

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