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The work of the car relay,

The work of the car relay, such as five-pin relay they are what the role of each line of the details of the details of the more detailed the more grateful


Principle and action Is a current-controlled switching device. If the relay coil "power", the "coil" in the "core" to produce a certain "electromagnetic force", suction armature drive reed, so that the circuit path to achieve the purpose of protection circuit. The following are the same as the " The following are the same as the " Turn left to turn right The following are the same as the " The main role of the relay to expand the control range, the use of multi-contact relay, when the control signal to a certain standard, you can control multiple circuits at the same time, to achieve automatic control and conversion circuit. Relay according to the working principle to points, can be divided into temperature relay, time relay, high frequency relays, solid relays, electromagnetic relays and other different types. Connected to find the "method", a pass. A, find the coil pin With a multimeter to measure the pin resistance, resistance in the hundreds to 1K Europe or so of the two "feet" is "coil pin." Note that some of the relay coil positive and negative, reverse will not move. B, find often open, often closed With a multimeter to measure the coil outside the other four "feet", if the conduction of the feet was "normally closed" relationship, to the coil power (5V DC), the relay action and should be disconnected, if not broken is Short connection.              Turn left to turn right And then to the coil charge (5V DC) to its action, if the original two pins are not open, then it is "normally open" relationship. The "foot" associated with the normally open point and the normally closed point is the common. Through the above, the technical staff is not difficult to find the wiring method.
May 9, 2017
85 and 86 are coils, then positive and negative! 30 and 87a is a closed point, the relay is not energized when the two corners are connected, power off after! 30 and 87 are often open, the principle and 87a the opposite!
May 9, 2017
First, the negative pole of the second investment into the money. Three main power supply. Four Dian Dian appliances. Five positioning or other linkage electrical appliances.
May 9, 2017

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