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Three way connector to one way connector?

I have bought a surround sound for my laptop but it has a three plug for sound. Is there any way I can get all three into one connector so all speakers work?


I have no idea what you are talking about. There is no such thing as a three plug. Perhaps you meant to say three plugs. You mean 3 jacks. A plug is a male connector. A jack is a female connector. It's not pc but it does describe both the appearance and the function. So you have 3 jacks on your computer which are main left and right outputs, surround l and r outputs, and the third one is center and sub-woofer outputs. However you do not say what the input to your speakers looks like. Since you do not give enough information to answer your question I can't give you an answer. One thing I can tell you is if your speakers have only one input it is a digital input and could be called spdif. Otherwise you would need at least 3 inputs, or possibly 5 or 6 inputs. Just making a guess since you don't say what kind of surround sound system you have, it should have 3 jacks which will match the 3 output jacks on your computer. If your surround sound system is a real system you most likely have RCA jacks. You would need three 1/8 to RCA adapter cables. Give me more information and I can give you a better answer.
Dec 7, 2017

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