Tiles on plasterboard?

I have just put plasterboard up in my kitchen, covering the walls behind my sink and cooker. I was going to tile behind said areas, but then didn't know if the adhesive would affect the plasterboard?Should I consider some sheet material like MDF which has a tile effect routed into it to drill on top of the plasterboard? Or maybe some vinyl tiles to just stick on top of the plasterboard?


You can absolutely adhere tile to plasterboard, although there are some drawbacks. Plaster board is not water proof so it allows the potential of water getting behind the tile and doing damage. The best way to tile a backsplash it to cover the studs with a sheet plastic vapor barrier and then 1/2 tile backer board. Then adhere your tile with mastic or thin set right to the backer board. If you do choose to tile over the plaster board, you will have no problems as long as the area stays relatively dry and the grout maintains a good seal. If it gets too wet the tile may start falling off the wall. I have 20 years of custom construction experience in Denver, CO
May 11, 2017
Did you use actual plasterboard, or gypsum board, (also known as gyp rock)? Anyway, if you put up the normal gyp rock, and have taped and smoothed on the proper joint compound, then the only thing left that is important before tiling a back splash, is to prime the surface with primer paint. Now in kitchens and baths you should be using moisture resistant gyp rock. Sometimes called green board (because it's green in colour) or the moisture, and mould resistant gyp rock that is sometimes called blue board (because it is blue in colour). However, if you have already used the standard beige or grey coloured gyp rock, don't panic, and rip it all down. It might be better to just leave well enough alone. You are just going to have to take a little more care to protect the gyp rock surface from water when you are done. First make sure your primer paint is the mold resistant type like Kilz. Then you should be able to tile your back splash using the recommended adhesive, grout, and seal. After that make sure that you caulk around where the tiled back splash meets your countertop. This is important because any water that gets into the gyp rock behind will get damaged and promote the growth of mould, and eventually your lovely tile will fall off where the damage occurs. If you regularly inspect and maintain your caulk lines (about once a year) then you shouldn't have any problem.
May 11, 2017
I think you'll be fine tiling over the plasterboard. Some friends of mine put up plasterboard in their kitchen with nonails glue and then tiled over it. It's still there. And nothing has fallen off yet.
May 11, 2017

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