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Tiling on Damaged Plasterboard in Kitchen?

I have taken the old tiles off and scraped away the old adhesive, but in the process some of the paper coating (of the plasterboard) has come away in places; 95% of it looks ok but there are a couple spots where the plaster is showing through.Can I just put the adhesive on and use it as a filler too or should I be priming the plasterboard with something before I start putting on the adhesive and tiling ?OR what..I'm not after perfection here but I don't fancy having to re-tile it again in a couple of years because the tiles start falling off.


If the plaster or dry wall is exposed, its best to either run some paint primer over it to seal it, Or fill it in with some dry wall compound or spackle and then primer it. This is especially true if your using a mastic to reapply tiles.If your using a thin set to apply tiles just a primer is needed to seal the exposed plaster or dry wall. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
May 11, 2017
it will be fine to just re-tile over the plasterboard...my son is doing just that in his kitchen & his walls are not perfect either....all will be hidden by the new tiles & they will stay on if you use the correct tile adhesive.
May 11, 2017

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