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Time relay What is the meaning of instantaneous action

Time relay What is the meaning of instantaneous action, can not use an actual circuit example shows how the next momentary and ordinary delay, the difference in that


Time relay generally has two sets of normally open, normally closed delay contact, there are individual models (AH3-3, JSZ3) time relay only a group of normally open, normally closed delay contact and a group of ordinary normally open, normally closed Contact (immediate action).
May 9, 2017
The general time relay has two pairs of contacts, different models of time relay, respectively, there are two pairs of normally closed, normally open delay contact or a pair of normally closed, normally open delay and instantaneous normally closed, normally open contact. Instantaneous normally closed, normally open contacts and relay contacts the same function, power is action, power is reset. Take the air damping time relay as an example to illustrate: When the coil is energized, the armature and the pallet are attracted by the core and instantaneously move down to turn on or off the instantaneous action contact. But the piston rod and lever can not fall along with the armature at the same time, because the upper end of the piston rod attached to the rubber chamber in the chamber, when the piston rod in the release of the spring under the action of downward movement, the rubber film with the concave, The air in the air chamber becomes thin and the piston rod is damped and slowly descends. After a certain period of time, the piston rod down to a certain position, then through the lever to promote the delay contact action, so that moving off the contact open, moving contact closure. From the coil power to the delay contact to complete the action, this time is the relay delay time. So in fact, for the general time relay (including electromagnetic, air damping, electric, etc.), instantaneous contact trigger action and delay contact from the trigger effect is the same, but because the trigger action speed The difference between the two action mode delay time level is not the same, but the general instantaneous type according to the different rated voltage of the model can only reach 220V, and the ordinary can reach 380V.
May 9, 2017
Time relay instantaneous contact is the coil with a live contact on the action. The delay contact is longer than the instantaneous contact action. After the coil is charged, it will take some time to move
May 9, 2017

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