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i have my usb cable. But it came from my digital camera. My friends told me that it can possible transfer data to my cellphone using this usb cable.My question is:,,i already insert the usb cable but the computer can't detect it. I have also motorola phone tools installed in my computer. What can be the best solution to order to me to transfer data in my cellphone.my phone model is motorola L6.where I can download my bluetooth places.email it to me. i need it.


ok. if you have the motorola phone tools installed then it must be like that you were supplied with the USB Data Cable. Motorola phone tools are usually given for free when you by the cell phone. Please try using the data cable supplied when you bought that product. And you don't need any bluetooth places. Your computer wont detect that usb cable of digital camera. I even tried using the data cable after uninstalling the software of motorola. It wont work. The computer wont detect it. You will need both Data cable and the phones software in order to transfer Data/FIles in cellphone.
Dec 7, 2017
they sell usb cords u can use and so as that they sell little card u put in ur telephone and it comprise a usb u purely placed the cardboard interior the usb and yet yea i think of you may purely deliver a percenttext cloth to ur digital mail of the percentalso ive completed that till now and it worked greeat! ] good success
Dec 7, 2017

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