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Transferring data through an ethernet cable?

I'm connecting my old laptop to my new one in hopes that I'll be able to transfer old data to my new hard drive. Can someone walk me through this? :)Some problems though:My old laptop is an Acer Travelmate 4010 and the lid is detached :/ I'm hoping that won't make a difference? If so, how can I accommodate for this?There was also a few crooked pointy things (Lol, I don't know the name) in the port of my hard drive. I straightened them out as best I could. I'm guessing this can make an impact too :/Helppp :)


Regarding the data transfer question, I can offer three suggestions: 1) buy a thumb drive for about $10 and plug it into the laptop. Copy your data to it and then connect it to the new computer and copy the files from the thumbdrive to your new PC. 2) buy a cross-over data wire and use it to connect both computers together. You'll need some instructions for how to make this work, so it's may not be your best option. 3) get a friend to help you connect both computers to the same router, and then to help you connect both computers together to allow for file transfer. This option will depend on how much your friend can help with. Sorry I couldn't be a bit more specific, but I'm trying not to confuse you further. Hope this helps
Jan 26, 2018

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