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Ok so i have a certain amount of money that I want to invest in either GE or US Steel. Tickers: ge, x. GE looks like a strong co, but less risk. Whereas US Steel looks risky, but high reward. :). i am willing to take risks. Any comments?


I would go with some in one and less in the other. Given that steel prices have collapsed (and seeing as the Chinese economy is going into a recession, they will probably stay low for a while) I would say that because US Steel is a blue chip company it will be around for the long term, but, it won't make much for a while. GE on the other hand has been beaten down thanks to some mismanagement issues under current CEO Jeffrey Immelt, however, they have a range of strong products (save for their broadcast division, RCA/NBC). Given that the stock is at a severe low with the company itself being worth quite a bit (with a fair amount of bailout funds coming to its' financial division) and the Obama administrations' green initiatives coming online over the next couple of years the demand for their products will be high. I would simply say 70/20 GE/US. Good luck.
Sep 27, 2017
i think you should invest in marlyn co. with protection against friends who act like hoes!!!!! charmin ultra less is more!!
Sep 27, 2017

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