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Using a digital cable receiver on a dead cable line?

I have internet and phone services with a digital cable provider but I don't pay for actual TV cable since I'm in an area with a high concentration of OTA signals.I used to get digital cable with this provider but didn't like the idea of renting a set-top box so I bought it obviously now it's sitting in my basement rotting. I'm curious though: what would happen if I connected the digital receiver to the cable line my modem is connected to? Would the receiver send information to the provider alerting them of my activities?Would I only get the channels that have to be open for me to get my internet connection or are the digital channels on the same frequency as my internet connection and I would receive them as well?


You ought to hook it up and try it. You can't hurt anything. Today's cable companies can control what you get through your addressable box and I am sure they won't let you see something you are not paying for. Of course you are aware that theft of services is illegal punishable by stiff fines and possible detention. Whatever route you choose, good luck.
Dec 7, 2017
Nothing would happen. The box just won't work. It will need activated to work. It is not likely the provider will pursue you for connecting an unactivated box. Some providers trap out all TV for internet/phone only providers, some will trap out most TV.
Dec 7, 2017

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