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Using cement board outside?

I have a small 4X2 area in which I need to re-tile. The area now is outdoors and is set inside of a concrete slab. Who ever installed the tiles before installed them like paver's where they backfilled the small area with sand (about 3). My question is can I use durock or another cement board to get a solid surface for tiling or do I need to refill the area with concrete? I don't know too much about concrete work which is why I am looking to use the cement boards.Thanks


u could thin set the concrete board but u would be better to redo the slap to what is needed and then tile it , cement work is not difficult , Im sure u can get pointers from the big box store or local hardware, good luck !!!
May 11, 2017
this area needs to be filled with easy to use Sak-crete and then float base for tile and them you can RE-tile and it should hold up for years ..... the hardware giants offer classes in tile setting and you can learn the correct
May 11, 2017
you are on the way to getting it done, do a little more research and you should have all the knowledge that is needed to accomplish this project.
May 11, 2017
it won't last long
May 11, 2017

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