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Video Game Chairs Versus Bean Bag Chairs?

What are the pros and cons of video chairs and bean bag chairs? Which is better? Which is cheaper? I'm re-doing my room, and have to make a decision. So... Video Chairs VS Bean Bags?


Bean bag chairs are much more comfortable for a short period of time. Video game chairs have more support for your back, neck and head. Better for playing games. Bean bag chairs are more likely cheaper than video chairs. Video chairs take up a little less room, but the bean bag you can throw into a corner. We have both, and our boys prefer video chairs to play games than the bean bag. Go sit in them for about five minutes and then make your decision on what feels better. :-)
Sep 30, 2017
Bean bags are quite comfortable. Think, if you have a multiplayer lan party in your home, will you provide everyone a gaming chair? Rather than that just buy a set of bean bags which can easy to manage and are comfy too.
Sep 30, 2017
i prefer bean bags. they are more comfortable.
Sep 30, 2017

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