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Vomitting in wash basin sink openly?

A friend of mine is an easy victim of vomitting...... Wht happens is tht when shes feeling giddy she will run to the wash basin sink in the open area of the house n tht too with people around n will puke n u can hear her vomit gurgling out of her mouth......GROSS. Today after we ate out n we drank orange drink n suddenly she was coughing hard, so she walks up to my wash basin sink beside my bedroom, n she spits n then i see orange colored vomit with food is flowing out of her mouth into my sink...... Today i got really angry n i told her tht if she needs to vomit she needs to go inside the toilet, lock the door n then puke in the toilet bowl....n not openly by public display bcoz is lack of manners n gross for people watching...... She said i m mean...i dont think i was mean by saying this. Its a question of etiquette


You're in the right. Hopefully you explained your point-of-view with delicacy and tact. To me, vomiting in public is not so much different from defecating or urinating in public - just without the exposure of private parts. It is definitely unpleasant for anyone to have to witness. There's no reason why this friend could not walk five steps further, close the door for privacy and decorum, and hopefully leave everyone else unaware of what she's doing.
Apr 14, 2017
I can't vomit in the toilet, I need to be more upright and with more support. Hey, as long as she gets to the bathroom on time, and doesn't miss the basin and cleans up then I think that is enough to ask of her.
Apr 14, 2017

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