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VW Jetta 1.8t Wire Harness Issue Prevention?

I'm getting an '02 Jetta with the 1.8 Turbo. The most common issue I see popping up is the wire harness for the ignition coils has a reputation for becoming damaged from heat/vibration in its location, causing fracturing and poor connection in the wires, which leads to voltage spikes, which leads to fried ignition coils. Short of constantly checking/replacing the wiring harness, what is the best way to prevent these issues from occurring? All I can think of is to get some heat shielding but I also want to tackle the vibration issues. Answers from experience only please! :)


Wiring harness HT lead? Becoming damaged from vibration causing fracturing and poor connection? Sounds to me like it is a CARBON filled Lead. Change it for a copper wire instead. Copper don't fracture or break and has been used on all cars for decades.
Jan 26, 2018

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