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Walker and high chair for 5 month old?

What kind of each would you get (ex.graco ect)For the high chair would you get one that attatched directly to our chairs or get one all by itself (if that makes any sense to you)?Walker should there be any stipulations on it? Besides the obvious not using them aruond stairs or hot items things on that line.


For okorder.com/... This one is like the big high chairs, only it can be moved out of the way if needed, and it can be used longer and at the table with the rest of the family. As for walkers, just don't use it too much. and when you do use it, use it on the lowest height level as possible. Too much usage can cause delays in a babies development in the walking area because they try to walk on their tip toes while they are not in the walker, lowering it to where their feet are flat on the ground will help this.
Sep 30, 2017
I didn't use a walker, I, personally didn't want to risk using one and I did research and was not comfortable with what i had read. They are on the road to being banned and in fact it's somewhat hard to find one on a shelf in a store but anyways...I used the rainforest jumperoo and a exersaucer. She loved them both. We used the exersaucer in the bathroom while I would take a shower.
Sep 30, 2017
Honestly I'd do what suits your home environment. If you have the space for a free wheeling high chair, then get one of them. Make sure they are easy to pull apart and clean. While they look fangle dangle and spiffy, they can be murderous to clean sometimes!! For a 5 month old though, I'd suggest one of those Hi-Lo chairs that actually recline. So when baby can't sit up, you can still have bub with you but reclined so they can see what you are doing. I have one myself which is very handy espeically for my now 5 year old when she was a bub. She had to go onto solids at 3.5 months (doctors orders for very severe reflux) and this reclining chair was brilliant. We still have that chair which I now use outside at our BBQ area for get togethers when we don't have enough chairs but I have since been given a babyco brand of high chair that actually clips onto the table. It's even more brilliant than a hi chair because you can still clean underneath it without the chair legs getting in the road. Bub loves it and I now which I had one myself from the beginning. With walkers, again, if you have the space go for it but I really wouldn't put a 5 month old in one just yet as they really are too short for them and they really can't hold themselves upright. If bub is too short for a walker, they tend to end up as toe walkers later one in life (not always but it can contribute) as they are stretching and trying to reach the ground to move around. Both I guess though, are not essential, they are more for our convienience rather than the child's. All the best though in whatever you decide to purchase :-)
Sep 30, 2017

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