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Wall strength - plasterboard vs fibro cement?

I'm using these 'wall anchor' bolt things to hold stuff up on the wall. They're the ones that slot through a drilled hole and then when you tighten the screw in them, the part behind the wall gets compressed until it presses against the back of the wall. That's probably irrelevant though...These wall anchors are rated to hold 10kg when used in 10mm thick plasterboard walls. I'm using them in a fibro cement wall which is approx 6mm thick. Seeing as fibro cement walls are way stronger than plasterboard, would you have any idea what the wall anchors could support in them? 20kg? 30kg?I know this is going to be pretty hard to answer accurately, but any educated guesses would be great! Thanks


fibro cement may be stronger but i would guess it is more brittle too. it may crack when you tighten the anchors if you can find a couple of studs and screw directly to these it would help
May 11, 2017

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