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Want to build a fiber glass sub box, need opinion.?

Alright, so I want to build an under seat sub woofer enclosure for my smaller sports coupe. There's not much room at all under the seats, so I was thinking about going with a Pioneer 8" shallow mount sub, but the box is causing me a bit of a headache. I haven't had a chance to take a measuring tape to it, and doing so would be difficult.My idea is to get a can of the spray foam stuff used to seal homes, to inflate a garbage bag under the seat. After letting it sit and dry for a while, I'll remove the seat, pull the bag out with the exact dimensions of my seat and then play from there. I'll take the bag off of the foam and probably sand it down from there to fit my needs. I'll then use fiber glass to build up the box from the foam mold.Any thoughts on better ways to do this?PS: The car is a 2000 Mercury Cougar incase anyone has actual dimensions.


you can take the seat out and then use a think foil paper and line under the seat then put a thin layer of fiber glass then let it dry and go from there also. * remember when your using the fiberglass your also gonna want to put a layer of bondo to strengthen the box but you do have a good idea also what ever works.
Apr 14, 2017

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