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What brands are there in the domestic LED module?

What brand LED modules at home and abroad, please give advice and advice professionals, the boss to use the best, I do not know that brand is the best.


On the daylatticeBlue KingIt can be said to be the best one to identify the light source
Jul 4, 2017
LED module? I haven't heard such a question for the time being.Because the LED module has several components, the most important, of course, is the chip, then the lens, reflector, and so on.The landlord should ask for the brand of the chip.
Jul 4, 2017
The best product is lattice optics. Lattice photoelectric LED module
Jul 4, 2017
As far as our company is concerned, we usually use imported ones. Avoid sensitive topics.In general, we use the Taiwan wafer chip EPISTAR, the amount of chip is in superior.Better also, Japan Nichia Nichia, CITIZEN citizen, Cree of the United States, South Korea's Samsung and so on.
Jul 4, 2017

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