What can I do in Real Estate?

Hi,I will soon have a degree in Architecture. I would like to work for a Real Estate Company since my goal is to become a developer and I would like to get experience on this field. Is it possible to work for a Real Estate Development company with my bachelors in architecture? If so, what type of positions am I looking at? Working with other architects? PLEASE HELP ME!!


First attempt to uncover any one you recognize and believe. Whether they're a dealer, agent or legal professional. Just b/c they're this kind of 3 does no longer mechanically avoid them from being the correct man or woman for you. You have to think secure with them. Keep in brain throughout all of this, that they're running for you. If they aren't running however simply amassing a paycheck, uncover any one else. Everyone of the aforementioned folks can and can make a massive sum of money should you select to paintings with them. Further, so much markets within the US have tilted closer to the shoppers part to a point. This approach you're now within the drivers seat. Everyone within the truly property enterprise demands shoppers. Best of good fortune. Joe...
May 11, 2017
Each and every one have their own wayto do their job or to excel in their job regarding real estate... Real estate is a business that gives more opportunities for youngsters in this field such as, civil engg. architectures, builders and even contractors..
May 11, 2017

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