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What can I use to stick decorations to cement board?

The outside of my business is painted cement board siding. I need to stick foam holiday decorations to it and I'm trying to find something that won't damage it or rip the paint off. I'm toying with the idea of double stick tape of some sort maybe. Any ideas?


Hi there Pin-Up Doll, I’m Blake from The Home Depot in California. Double-stick tape will definitely work to hold lightweight decorations on the wall; however it can be hard to remove without peeling up the paint that it adheres to. If keeping the wall undamaged is your ultimate goal you may consider using the 3M Command adhesive strips, these are designed to hang pictures but would work on foam as well. This would be more costly than double-sided tape, however the risk of damage is almost none, as these adhesive strips can be removed without any damage to a painted surface. When you are ready to remove them you just pull down on the little tab and all the adhesive strips away! 3M Command picture hangars: bit.ly/gjgKuo I hope this helps get your business festive for the holidays! -BlakeTheDiyGuy
May 11, 2017
I use rubber cement for a lot of crafts but Im not sure how well it holds up under weather or how much weight it would hold on a vertical surface. It's sort of like that removeable glue that comes in the mail where you can pull credit cards off paper, or pull a letter apart that seems glued but it doesn't tear the paper. The command 3M stuff works great but too expensive (in my opinion) to just use for a month and then throw away.
May 11, 2017
Hi! you can use the double sided tape that's the best choice and you have an option to use glue stick with the heat gun it will not affect the paint in your cement board.
May 11, 2017
Rubber Cement.
May 11, 2017

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