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What causes a person to interfere with electrical equipment?

I have had a problem for the last 15 years or so where I seem to interfere with electrical equipment. For example, I can't wear watches, I burn out tradition incandescent light bulbs like most people change their drawers, I get all kind of feed back from the intercom system in the hospital where I work (in the form of staticthe speakers actually go off as I walk down the hall.it's kind of a joke to my co-workers - some of who have decided I'm possessed - LOL), computers freeze up on me frequently and I completely fried our last home pc.any others out there with similar problems. I assume it has something to do with electromagnetic fields.but not positive about thatany ideas?


I have some of the same problems, especially with watches! I can't carry a cell phone in my pocket, I kill the battery. I kill the battery on Blue tooth ear peaces too. Computers don't FRY with me because I have all of mine on a surge protector. When I have a computer opened up to work on it, I wear a ESD band and ground myself. The reason you don't interfere with the equipment at work is because everything is grounded in hospitals! 3 prong plug ins. At home you can make sure all your lamps, and other electronics are grounded. You can get 3 prong adapters at the hardware store. If you put your radio on one you will find that it helps the reception too! I have NO idea what causes it, but your not alone.
Dec 7, 2017
The only natural explanation is that you have had some bad luck with electronics. On top of that you are probably exercising a little confirmation bias when you remember the things that went wrong but don't take note of things that don't go wrong. If you were electronically jinxed then *everything* you touch would fizzle, not just a few things. My mother goes through watches all the time. It's because she buys cheap watches. My cell phone causes speaker buzzing. My old Sprint phone didn't, but my ATT iPhone does. It can be quite loud and the range is enough that it causes my coworkers' (phone) speakers to buzz as well. The human body does emit an electrical field, but it is so minute as to have little or no effect on things around it. The field diminishes to such a rapid degree that if you could measure 10 units (whatever those units are) one inch away from your body you would only be able to measure 1 unit two inches away from your body. So it's not magnetic or electric. It's probably just bad luck, confirmation bias, some other contributing factor you're unaware of and, honestly, possibly a bit of user error too. If you have serious concerns you need to document this. Get a doctor or other impartial party involved. Measure this effect and try to reproduce it. Unless you get hard data that points only to you as the cause you are not going to be taken seriously.
Dec 7, 2017
I've heard of this happening. For one thing.I'd make sure it's in my medical records and maybe even wear it on one of those medical id bracelets. What's gonna happen if you have a heart attack and they use those paddles on you? And what would happen if you had an MRI and all those things? I think I'd quit treating this as a fascination and really get someone to help me with it. Hopefully , you won't attract lightning. They might have been doing research on this somewhere and have some help for you. Good Luck. EDIT Is it like when they tell you not to use a cellphone in the ER? You might interfere with the machines there in the same way. You should find out if this could happen.(for your sake and the sake of others it could harm)
Dec 7, 2017
Whoa so you have that problem too huh? lmao Mine is just static electricity but lololol that is so cute. :o) A few months ago I had static electricity ALL over me I was shocking people and myself when I touched stuff, even wood. All my clothes were sticking to me constantly and I use 4 dryer sheets in each load of clothes So I don't know either. Try rubbing your hands together before you touch stuff or get near things like that. lol sorry, just a suggestion.
Dec 7, 2017

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