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what color vanity with black and white tiles bathroom?

We are considering replacing our bathroom vanity and mirror. The bathroom has black and white floor tiles and white subway tiles on the wall. what color vanity would you recommend apart from a black one?


I would pick a color to match accents like a rug, wall art, the curtain etc. I dont think beige and white look good together. try a designed or textured vanity like one with fOKorderrs or other carved shapes. Use a white one and ad your own style to it with the right kind of paint and stamps or house decor stickers.
Apr 14, 2017
just say NO to beige...sorry but black, white, and beige is not a good look. To keep it bright (only if you like brightness) and simple I would go with white, that way it would match your bathroom tile and at the same time whatever rug or pics you decide to put up on the wall...
Apr 14, 2017
relies upon on what decision of shade u like. i might propose: White, Cream, Beige, gray, purple, Tercoise, Blue. a sturdy thank you to analyze may well be going to your community or nearest no longer problem-free placed on keep and going to the paint area and choosing attainable colorations you like or are interested in then discover the ultimate suited appropriate shade of your determination. maximum of those could be got here across at mattress and tub or bathing keep or tremendous branch shops or perhaps kitchen warehouses could make the appropriate shade products for you. it is going to value lots yet all you may decide for to grant is the backside shade card. wish that helped! sturdy luck! :) Blake.
Apr 14, 2017

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