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what do i do if the cement board doesn't line up with the exiting drywall?

my fiberglass shower pan was cracked and my tiles were coming off. so I took out the tiles and greenboard, and replaced the shower pan. unfortunately, they do not carry the same size of shower pan - I am short about 1/4 inch on all sides. what do I do in order to line up the cement board with the existing drywall? i only plan to replace the area where the old tiles were. i am afraid I have to tear down all the drywall but I really don't want to. thanks.


I think that tile shops sell lengths of plastic angle designed for this purpose.
May 11, 2017
Pull the pan out and put a sheet of 1/4 inch cement board under it then reinstall the pan....
May 11, 2017
are you saying the new bord is to short all the way or are you saying the new one is larger? if it is larger then the top is larger or smaller at one end due to settling of the structure . that is an easy fix . you need a protractor . set the new board up and adjust the protractor to the gap and scribe down to the end touching the adjacent wall . then cut away . then doo the other side . but if not then just get some compound and fill in the gap . make sure it is fiber fill compound you mix yourself . then treat it to a coat of sealent befor covering .
May 11, 2017
can you cut a notch (rabbet) in the end of the cement board so it will go over the pan without sticking out further than the drywall?
May 11, 2017

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