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what do i need to make mobile phone tools to work ?

i have mobile phone tools but it dont work help ?and how do i have my default phone to be a razr v3 ??


If you have Motorola Mobile Phone Tools, you need to have some means of connecting the phone to the computer. You have three choices - Infrared, Cable and Bluetooth. Also, you need to have your phone enabled to allow data transfer. If you have Cingular service, this is enabled already, if Verizon, then you will have to get the data transfer unlocked. Once data transfer is unlocked, the Phone Tools program will walk you through the setup for the phone. If you can't figure this out, then you need to study the help file for the program and learn how to use it. I would normally be happy to tell you how to use it, but not knowing your computer and your phone, I can't. Good luck, feel free to email if you need more help or would like to convey more information.
Dec 7, 2017

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