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What does the relay drive current mean? Device not marked ah?

The relay marked HA2D-1AT-12; 10A-277VAC and 10A-28VDC, I now understand that you can say that the load can be connected 277VAC or 28vdc, 10A current can work; In the 12vDC power supply, I load the power supply 220VAC, 1A electric blanket; I use triode drive, but how to drive resistance? Said the relay to a drive current, the general mA level, I did not see the current from the parameters ah? I measured the relay resistance of 400 ohms, the total will not be 12v / 400 ohm = 30ma, the total will not be this current?


You work when the relay current is 30ma, to find a 12V power supply, as long as the power supply can provide more than 30ma of the current. Drive the transistor resistance you then 1k well, 510 ohm also line, this is not the whole so accurate.
May 9, 2017
In general, the more detailed parameters of the relay is to look at the manufacturer's technical manual, the manual has a very detailed description.
May 9, 2017
DC relay operating current, really is the voltage / line package resistance, you do not have to doubt.
May 9, 2017

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