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What is a latching relay?

See the Omron relay (G6K-2F-Y) manual on the "non-latching" (non-latch) and "terminal spacing" these two terms, do not know what the meaning, please enlighten me, the best point


The latch-type relay actually refers to the "self-locking", that is, after the relay is energized, the state is automatically locked, even if the control current is turned off at this time. In other words, when the power-on, the open control current will continue to keep the pull state, unless the release button, of course, some of the reverse current through the unlock. Ordinary relays, are "monostable", and this relay is "bistable" type.
May 9, 2017
It actually refers to the "self-locking", that is, after the relay power action, automatically lock its state, even if the control current at this time will not change its state, that is, when the power pull, The current continues to remain in the pull state unless the unlock button is pressed (and some are connected to the reverse current) Ordinary relays, are "monostable", and this relay is "bistable" type.
May 9, 2017
Is the "self-locking" contactor, in the contactor "self-locking" circuit, such as the simplest two-button "open" and "off", the contactor coil a connector, according to the coil voltage requirements, connected to a fire line Or zero line. When the button is turned on, the other connector of the coil is turned on by the button, providing the coil voltage, the contactor sucking and. When the button is broken, the button of this line of fire, through the contactor auxiliary contacts, continue to provide voltage for the coil, the contactor can also be connected to the state, which is the contactor "self-locking." If you want to disconnect the contactor, press the push button switch "stop", contactor power failure, disconnect the circuit. Contactor "interlock", such as the use of two contactors to control the motor anyway, the two contactors can not smoke at the same time, so the control of the two contactor coil is connected to each other by another, and in Three-button switch on the wiring is also cross-controlled. This double interlock, is to put an end to rely on the operation of the manual movement. There is no circuit, that do not understand, you can find a typical circuit diagram, you can understand this "self-locking" and "interlock."
May 9, 2017

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