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What is Black Iron in ceilings?

In carpentry and drywall when they refer to Black Iron on hanging ceilings what do they mean?


Black iron is the frame below the slab from which the hung ceiling grid or drywall studs are suspended and to which partition caps may be fastened. It defines maximum ceiling height for commercial tenant work. Piping, ductwork , and electrical work in the ceiling are also fastened to/routed through this supporting fame work.
Apr 14, 2017
I'll bet Ceiling Grid refers to modern suspended tile ceilings not to fire resistant lathe and plaster, request a variance for aesthetic value of the reconstruction, and make a point to raise the conduit above the lath surface, it will be better protected than a wall installation and all you have to repair is a few access holes here and there. say every four feet depending on the space you have to run your conduit, and get you installers certified in the abatement process, more engineering BS!
Apr 14, 2017

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