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what is lift chair ? how it is been used? when it was invented?

what is lift chair?


A lift chair looks like your average living room recliner. The major difference is the lift chair has motors. These motors recline and lift the chair electronically. The lift chair has a remote attached and with the touch of a button you can recline back or lift yourself to a standing position. The main reason why a person would need a lift chair is if they struggle to stand up from a sitting position. The lift chair raises them up to an almost standing position which lets the user stand without pain or over exerting themselves. Lift chairs were invented in 1982. Hope this help! Lift chairs are actually an amazing invention. My grandfather uses one because he broke his arm and cannot lift himself off the couch. Having a lift chair lets him get up on his own to use the bathroom. He would be so upset if he couldn't be independent and the lift chair gives him that indepence.
Sep 30, 2017
actually it is good question. lift chair is more comfortable to use.To know details that how it is been used so click the flowing link.
Sep 30, 2017

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