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What is the 'Show Ceiling Button' in Sims 2?

I asked an earlier question about the ceiling grid disappearing, and the best answer was to 'Make sure you have the show ceiling button clicked to on'. I don't know what the 'show ceiling button' is! Please help! Also, if you could post a link to a picture of it or describe what it is and where it is that'd be great!Also, while I'm having this problem, I'm not new to Sims, so please don't waste my time telling me to put a firecracker inside or drown my sims in the pool. (There's not even a family moved in anyway!)


I don't know if you know how to use Flickr, but if you roll your mouse over the picture it should have notes on it that will tell you what to do. Hope this helps!
Apr 14, 2017
when you click on the button, if u zoom into the house and look up, you can see the ceiling and paint it whatever you want to match your house. i love the sims 2 so if u need any questions, go ahead and ask. i know cheats, hints, and glitches in the game too. you can also go on the sims 2 website and download awesome houses, cool people, community places (bowling alleys, etc.), and u can also download pets too. (sims 2 pets required). i also know a website where you can download the full games for free. my brother downloaded kitchen and bath, apartment life, pets, and holidays for me. in order to do this however, you need to download vuze, daemon tools, and you need to go to piratOKorder.org.
Apr 14, 2017

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