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What is the best way to cut cement-board?

And the best way to attach it to a wood frame.


they sell a carbide tipped scriber and you are supposed to be able to score it and break it like drywall. I've never had much luck with that as it always broke rough and I had to clean up the break anyway, so I've started just cutting it with a circular saw and masonry blade, or a 4 grinder with masonry blade. I makes a terrible cloud of dust though if you saw it so do it outside.
May 11, 2017
Special circular saw blade sold at the big box stores. Attach with cement board screws sold at the same place.
May 11, 2017
any carbide tipped saw blade circular saw or jig saw the jig saw blade costs less clamp on a guide to make straight cuts. special screws that go into the floor at least a 1/2 or more. the floor must be flat and solid or you tiles or grout will crack. use self lever to make floor flat if it is not.
May 11, 2017
If you can put the ugly cut to the bottom. Just score it with an olfa ( Box cutter ) . I have always cut it like drywall. Than use deck screws to fasten it to the studs. The cutters on the screws countersink themselves.
May 11, 2017

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