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What is the best way to pull up old ceramic tile without damaging the cement board underneath it?

Bought new ceramic tile for kitchen and the old stuff is hard to get up. I want to keep the cement board that is in there for the new stuff.


It's next to impossible to remove Ceramic with out damaging the cement board. Esp. if the tile was installed properly to begin with. Tile is installed with a thin-set type mortar when using a Cement backer. If installed over plywood they would have used a ceramic Mastic [glue] That can be removed much easier. You can however lay the new tile over the old, but this will raise the level of the floor, not a good idea when in the Kitchen.
May 11, 2017
Putting down backer board is a waste of time and money when going over a smooth cement floor. Backer board is used to stiffen up an existing wooden floor or wall. It can also be used when planning a shower to allow for build up to slope to a drain. As far as sweating is concerned backer board will not prevent it if it is a problem. It will just make your floor thicker. The sweat comes from the air contact with a cooler floor surface it is not from water seeping through the floor. A dehumidifier will help to solve this problem in the summer months. Make sure you use a sufficient base of thinset (1/4 inch trowel minimum, 1/2 inch if uneven or rough spots). Mixing a latex additive to the grout is also a good idea in below grade and outdoor grouting situations.
May 11, 2017
use an air chisel to remove existing tile the cement board may be difficult top save and easier to replace cause the old cement has bonded i think you may just be lookin for trouble leaving it
May 11, 2017
if the old tile was properly installed, it will be close to impossible to keep it intact when removing it. backerboard is cheap......
May 11, 2017

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