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What is the circuit breaker, what is the role. And the difference between the relay which

What is the circuit breaker, what is the role. And the difference between the relay which 5 Please elaborate, it is best to give some simple examples


Principles and the role of your own Encyclopedia to see on the line, no one can say more detailed. Here is the difference. The circuit breaker is placed in the strong circuit, can be manually and self-shut off, only one loop, no control loop. The relay has a strong power there are weak, but have to control the signal to control its action, there are often closed normally open points, the need to control the loop is to 2 loops. For example, your home control of indoor lighting in the total circuit you use is the circuit breaker, because there is no external control loop.
May 9, 2017
The relay is an electronic control device, it has a control system (also known as the input circuit) and the control system (also known as the output circuit), usually used in automatic control circuit, it is actually a small current to control the larger A "automatic switch" of the current. So in the circuit plays an automatic adjustment, security protection, conversion circuit and so on. Circuit breakers are a very basic low-voltage electrical appliances, circuit breakers with overload, short circuit and undervoltage protection, the ability to protect lines and power.
May 9, 2017
The role of the circuit breaker is to cut off and connected to the load circuit, and cut off the fault circuit to prevent accidents to ensure safe operation. In fact, the circuit breaker is a switch, it and other ordinary switch of the main points are: 1. Applicable voltage level 2. Dielectric medium and way, a vacuum, less oil, oil and sulfur hexafluoride, etc. 3. Excellent arc suppression capability, good effect. The relay is generally used to turn on and off the control circuit. Essence is a signal transmission of electrical appliances, which according to the input signal to achieve different control purposes. As a control element, the relay has the following effects: 1 to expand the control range. For example, the multi-contact relay control signal to a certain value, you can press the contact group in different forms, while switching, breaking, connected to multiple circuits. 2) zoom in. For example, sensitive relays, intermediate relays, etc., with a very small amount of control, you can control the power of the circuit. 3) integrated signal. For example, when a plurality of control signals are input into a multi-winding relay in a predetermined form, the control effect is achieved by comparison. 4) automatic, remote control, monitoring. For example, the relay on the robotic device, along with other electrical appliances, can be programmed to control the line, enabling automated operation.
May 9, 2017

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