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What is the correct process for installing cement board/water proof barrier in a shower?

I am installing a new tub and enclosure. I have exposed everything down to the studs and plumbing. I have heard that when installing backer board in a shower the best material to use nowadays is cement backer board (like Durock) since they are more resistant to mold than green board. Anyways, what is the correct process for installing cement backer board in a shower? Do I just screw the boards right into the studs, or do I have to first put down another thin barrier sheet (like some waterproof material), then the cement backer board, then another waterproof sealant, then I can install the enclosure? I just want to do this right the first time and not leave any steps out of the process. I would hate to develop another moisture leak and then find out that my barrier did not hold up well. Thanks and take care, I appreciate any help.


plastic on the studs, then Duroc [drill holes for screws] then seal it with cement sealer, then the enclosure,
May 11, 2017
I normally install green board to the studs tape the seams and the corners and then install the wonder board over the green board. This gives a float look and a full one inch barrier. it also brings the wonder board out far enough so I can drop over the lip edge. I space the wonder board 1/8 to 1/4 from bottom I silicone seal the bottom edge to the tub/shower pan I silicone seal the outside edge to the wall and the bottom edge to the floor. I run a thin bead from the bottom of both corners maybe 12 inches up. I use proper screws ( rock on ) and plenty of them. then tile I would never use an enclosure as the wear with time and look cheap. the seams are problematic and tend to leak over time and might be the source of your problem good luck
May 11, 2017
You did not specify if you were using a tub shower fiberglass kit. Some kits require that the tub and surround are attached directly to the studs. Check with the manufacturer for installation details. If you are using ceramic tiles around tub than green board or durock is fine.
May 11, 2017

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