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What is the export rebate for the flow switch?

My current company is ready to do export business. The main products are used in the cooling system of the flow switch, differential pressure switch, and automatic water valve and safety valve. I would like to know more about the export tax rebate rate of several products, as well as customs code, thank you! In addition, I told no export rights, but also online to see some of the export rights application process. However, many export enterprises do not have the right to export, because the device is difficult to apply ah!


Flow switch this product is not very understanding, but the following two HS CODE are used to customs, What is the landlord closer to your product? 8481901000 Back 14% 9032890090 back 17% Safety valve 8481400000 back 14% Tax rebate rate is relatively high ah.
May 9, 2017
Their application for the right to export a lot of trouble, the landlord is not familiar with the business is not the case, or to find export companies to help
May 9, 2017
You export it. You said a lot of export and no export rights of enterprises, are looking for export rights Of the enterprises to help them export agents, to some fees on it, we are easy.
May 9, 2017

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