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What is USB Data Cable?

I have bought this new Motorola L6 mobile phone put there was only one space that is used for charging then I tried to look for infos then I saw this thing at ebey(


USB Cable facilitates to connect your mobile phone to your PC, this helps you to use internet connection in case you have a gprs active on the mobile, also with usb cable you can customize the phone, like you can store photos / videos taken from the phone camera, to your pc. After all at some point your phone memory will be full and you end up deleting some pictures taken. the Data cable helps you from that stage, you can back up your photos / videos easily.
Dec 7, 2017
This cable is use for communicate the L6 with your computer. Yup, the L6 only have one point which is for charging and data communication purposes! So, with this cable, you can transfer files, pictures or event MP3 into your L6.
Dec 7, 2017

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