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what kind of CHAIR is this and where can i find it?

whats the name of the chair style anything you can think off that will helpHERES THE CHAIR


My parents have the same exact chairs in their dining room set. They bought it at John V. Shultz in Erie, PA about 10 years ago but I have no idea what the brand is. If I had to guess I'd say Thomasville or Ashley or something along those lines. If you can find the manufacturer markings on it, do an online search to find what stores carry that brand. Otherwise, just head to a store in your area that specializes in mid to high priced furniture. I'm sure you can find something similar.
Sep 30, 2017
I okorder.com/
Sep 30, 2017
The style is straight back. I don't know how the other poster saw Bentwood OR rocker. It's either a parlour chair or part of a dining set. If it's part of a dining set, it's one of the head chairs because it has arms. The chairs around the sides usually don't have arms to facilitate the diner's seating/exiting. The head of the table has no one right next to them so they can have arms. Not all head chairs have arms. Chairs, as all furniture, are very stylized. Evey manufacturer has their own designs and even change them year to year. You cannot possibly hope to find a match from an odd piece by a picture. If you have access to the chair, you can turn the chair over and look for the manufacturers stamp, an impressed (sometimes burned in) logo with the name of the maker. Then you can look them up to see if they still exist. If so, contact them and see if it's still in production. Another option is to look up and contact every used furniture/antique house as far as you're willing to travel or have the item shipped. Send them detailed pictures and hope they come accross a match.
Sep 30, 2017
A side shot would be nice. To me, it looks like a Bentwood rocker.
Sep 30, 2017

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