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what kind of inductor and capacitor do I need to get for a passive crossover for a 200 watt sub?

i'm an older brother who just wants to build his little brother a fairly decent sound system for his car (he just got his licence and dad bought him a second hand car). odd thing is, my bro likes it more if i build him stuff rather than buy them for him. now, i've seen all the formulas, guides, calculations, ohms, farads and self help guides but I cant make heads or tails about it considering i'm an architecture student and numbers and crud like that confuse me to no end. i'm pretty good when it comes to building the enclosures but i'm crap at the electronics stuff. i've already got a set of subs that dad bought (200 watts each) and another set that a cousin gave me (50 watts each) and they're all 10 inches wide. can anyone help me? what kind of inductors and capacitors do need to for both the 200 watts set and the 50?


Boss CAP10 10 Farad Capacitor was super easy to install. Comes with all the stuff you need. Is really cool when it's lit up and and the digital gauge is pretty neat to. Charging it before installing was really easy too. Just follow the directions. Completely stopped my headlights and gauges from dimming and my subs and all around stereo is much cleaner and crisp. Awesome product at a great price. Just purchase the right size for the amp that you have. Another post and a little research showed me that for every 500 watts you need 1 farad in capacitance. You can't have too much capacitance so being that my amp is a 2000 watt amp I bought the 10 farad, Good luck with whatever product you purchase but I have had good success with this one and believe it's well worth the money.
Jan 26, 2018
Hifonicgts Goliath XX-3212 3200 RMS great woofer dude, audio AQ3500D.a million Amplifier is what i might cautioned to you, a pal have those amplifier on 2 of the 18 inch DC audio XL sequence 1500 watts RMS slightly dude is loud as hell at one ohm load. beat like loopy, yet I nevertheless think of that hifoncis goliath is sicker for amplifiers.
Jan 26, 2018

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