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what mobile phone should i get?

im am in this plan thing at a mobileshop where i keep a mobilephone for like 4 years and then i can upgrade to a similarly priced phone for free, any way i brought a nokia n95 (at about $800 - $900) (i can also put money towards it as well when upgrading) and i was wondering what mobile phone i should get, i was thinking of either an iphone 4 or a htc 7


HTC HD7 Windows Phone (T-Mobile) - The phone is incredibly quick booting. - The UI is beautiful and so smooth to use in comparison to other smartphones. - The build quality is solid and it feels like a good phone in your hand with the metal surround instead of cheap plastic. - The apps already on the store are of good quality and run very well on the phone, expecting a load more on the US release. - Skydrive integration with the Office Hub and your photo's is very useful allowing super quick upload to the cloud. - The one touch camera launch from the lock screen is very handy the flash is super bright with double LED. --------------------------------------
Jan 26, 2018
iPhone 4 I was going to say that before reading the details but since you were considering buying it then don't just consider, GO BUY IT! I have it and it rocks!~
Jan 26, 2018

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