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What should i do about this cat and this chair?

we have these leather chairs in my kitchen and my cat always jumps on the back of this one to get on top of our water cooler cause she likes it up there or whateveranyone know what i could do to like make her stop, cause i have a pillow case over it right now, but that defeats the purpose of having a nice leather chair


There are all sorts of aids available to help train a cat to NOT be someplace. Please look at the links below... one is a double-side sticky tape that you can tape to the chair. Cats hate the stickiness, and will avoid it. When the cat learns to stay off of it, you can remove the tape (it's clear, so it won't look too ugly while you are using it). Another device is a mat of small plastic spikes (they're not SHARP!!! so they won't harm her). There are scat sprays available, which I don't think are very effective. Do you have a cat tree of any sort? Cats WANT to be HIGH, and the back of the chair is a HIGH place. If you can place a cat tree in the area that is even HIGHER, she will naturally go to that instead. If she is SCRATCHING your leather chair, then you need to provide substitute scratching posts and things. If you place one or two scratching posts or other scratching surfaces, she will gravitate to scratching THOSE instead. I know it works! Me… kittyslave23… I know my place.
Sep 30, 2017
Teaching a cat not to scratch or jump on the kitchen counter is different from trying to teach a cat not to use something as a stepping stool to get from point A to point B. Anything you do will defeat the purpose unless you teach the cat to not get on the water cooler OR provide the cat with something else to step on. Cats generally know and understand when they are doing something wrong because they will do it on purpose if you are in the room. Like if a cat knows they are not allowed to scratch on the rug, they will act like they are going to do it just so you will come and pay attention to them (our cats do this all the time). You can do a spray bottle to keep the cat from jumping on the cooler since you do not want to put anything on your nice chairs. Spray bottles with water work remarkably well because most cats hate it. We also use an air can duster and puff it into the air because the noise scares them. We had a cat that was jumping on our antique piano as a means of getting onto the built in book shelf that had nothing on it. After the spray bottle worked at getting her off the piano, she decided to just use the front of the book case as a set of stairs to get to the top shelf - which was a disaster. We had to spray bottle for like a whole month to rid the cat of both the piano and the shelf. We also got her her own little shelf in the window so she would not try to get up there anymore.
Sep 30, 2017

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