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What type of relay is good for gps positioning relays?

I installed a GPS positioning device, you can remotely cut off the power, I check the car on the Internet relay is a long open relay, long open relay: "normally open relay normally bounce, to Connected to the oil, the need for remote power supply to the vehicle can be normal driving, and a long time power supply will lead to the relay fever, or even burn "is not the relay with gps with the installation life will be shortened ah? There is no expert advice, thank you!


Normally open normally closed relay. (A) the role of the relay Relay is in the automatic control circuit from the control and isolation of the implementation of components, it is actually a low voltage, small current to control the high current, high voltage automatic switch. (B) the type of relay Commonly used relays are mainly electromagnetic relays, dry spring relays, magnetic retaining wet spring relays, stepper relays and solid state relays. Electromagnetic relays are divided into AC electromagnetic relays, DC electromagnetic relays, high current electromagnetic relays, small electromagnetic relays, normally open electromagnetic relays, normally closed electromagnetic relays Polarization relays, bistable relays, countercurrent relays, Slow release relays, fast relays and other. Solid state relays are divided into DC type solid state relays, AC type solid state relays, power solid state relays, high sensitivity solid state relays, multi-function switching solid state relays, solid state relays, parametric solid state relays, passive solid state temperature relays, bidirectional transmission solid state relays The
May 9, 2017
Who can not let the gps can often let the relay is often used to stop is often closed only when the need to cut off the oil when the power Will control the relay action is usually off the relay itself is usually closed by way to achieve continuous oil 5 end of the relay are often open normally have to see how you pick up
May 9, 2017
Our company has a power relay, it seems not very expensive, GPS is not a few lines of random, there are stress, but the general off the oil power is not commonly used, only the car at rest when the oil can be broken off, if the driving It is absolutely impossible, prone to danger.
May 9, 2017
Conventional relays each have a normally closed and normally open contact, to see what you need to connect. GPS anti-theft can be connected to the oil control valve normally closed contact, GPS issued off the oil control signal as a trigger to control the relay electromagnet, which disconnect the main oil. So that both power and avoid long-term fever.
May 9, 2017

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